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Bowling Score Averages

Bowling Score Averages is a new iOS app that calculates and keeps track of game score averages.

Simply input your total game score and Bowling Score Averages calculates your averages. There is no need to input every frame score which are irrelevant long term anyway.

Current year and past year averages will show that with practice, you are improving!

As a bonus feature, you can input event notes such as goals to focus on, achievements, new equipment, or anything else that you wish to remember.

Bowling Score Averages was designed for high school team bowlers, but will also help beginners, casual bowlers, league bowlers, college team bowlers, amateurs, and professionals too!


  • Current date or past date
  • Type of bowling event
  • Location (optional)
  • Up to 6 games per event
  • Sub totals for two 3 game series
  • Total score
  • High score
  • Average today
  • Cumulative average this year
  • Separate averages for current year, last year, and all years
  • Separate averages for personal events, team practices, team matches, and all events
  • Share a bowling event scores (Facebook, Twitter, messages, email, etc.)
  • Export and import a backup file
  • Email your past events data
  • Email your averages

The Story Behind this App:

My daughter is a bowler on a high school bowling team and discovered that there were no bowling apps that suits her teammate's needs. Other apps were just games, too complicated, or too expensive. And so I created Bowling Score Averages.

I hope you will enjoy seeing your averages improve!
Feel free to forward this to your bowling friends and family!

Happy Bowling!

1 page PDF file of promo flyer for distribution:
1/2 page pdf file of promo flyer for distribution:
Bowling Score Averages now has its own Facebook page!
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